Eat the love

Love, lust or longing… A psychological and emotional manifestation that has a deeply physical effect. Is there even really such a thing? Or is it just chemical trickery?
Is this love or just gravy?

Bio-chemistry teams up with cultural indoctrination to create chaos in us all and our minds try to make this mess into sense somehow.
The biochemistry of being In Luv is totally inappropriate. It would seem logical that we would have evolved into well equiped breeders and falling in love should make us prepare for a copious amount of mating. It doesn’t.
At a time when our body is (hopefully) going to need every energy source available we stop eating and sleeping. Our infatuated selves are playing with our food, due to butterflies taking up the space in our stomach and meanwhile longing is keeping us up at night. Our romantic disposition leads us away from sustenance and recuperation.

Perhaps our intricate organism does this because it confuses the endorphins and dopamine that are the makers of cloud nine, with the same chemical released after a good meal and a long sleep. Could it be that chemically we have slept and eaten?
Is love than nothing more than a bowl of spaghetti and a blissful eight hour stretch?
Like a crack addiction our bodies want to continue the endorphin and dopamine high that we are floating on. Perhaps here lies the solution to the original riddle. ‘The love’ we feel could also be maintained with a juicy piece of meat, of non-human variety, and no procreating would be necessary. Hence our DNA-embedding intentionally deprives us  of the easier sources of happiness and forces us to chase our intended romantic other half like the crack-whores we have become.
Adding measure to madness we usually go and have a meal with the source of butterflies.

If the loving endorphin/dopamine mix could be tapped and bottled, first dates in restaurants would be the ultimate source.

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