Game Frame workshop

We can experience any topic differently by playing with it. In this workshop we play by designing a game and building a physical, playable game in a day. It’s not about the game, it’s all about the process.

You can experience any topic through a different frame by building a game around it.

This game frame will help you to be more free with a topic and with each other. Filling in this game frame together is both a thought exercise around a topic, and an exercise in working together.

The process of making a game will create space for other perspectives, new insights and a creative use of decision making and possible risk-behaviour. While designing and playing a game, you can bring different worlds together.

“So much fun to do. Challenges you to look differently at a problem.”

We will start the day with a short introduction into games and playfulness. We will go through what defines a game and discuss examples.

“Interesting knowledge on the concept of play and games and the thinkers in the field.”

A game frame creates the space to explore tension, stimulates process awareness, provides insight into roles and action potential and promotes the free exploration of scenarios.

Your game topic can be anything. Especially difficult and complicated topics will really benefit from a playful approach. Within the game frame you might find another way of dealing with complexity and uncertainty. In a game we can have both flow and frustration. Together we will find the world, the players, the actions and the stakes of your topic.

“Surprising and different perspectives.”

In the afternoon, we take the things we filled our game frame with and combine our game world, players, actions and stakes into a game idea and develop this further. There is a lot of material to help you design and play.

At the end of the afternoon we play the games and give each other feedback on the experience.

“Just a lot of fun!”


Games and playfulness
Filling game frame with your topic
12:30Lunch and play
13:30Split in design teams
Developing games
16:00Playing games

Suitable for 6-20 participants. For questions or bookings please contact me