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3 things a day

There are many complete methods and little tricks to help you to improve yourself and your experience of life. As we understand more of the things that determine our ‘state’ we can use this knowledge to improve on it. One … Continue reading

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VR and games as therapeutic tools

Before the break of summer I attended “Virtual reality and serious gaming for the prevention and treatment of psychological and behavioral disorders“ of the EMGO+ E-HealthExcellence network at the VU University. Some of the first clinical trials being run with VR/AR and … Continue reading

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The good in being sad

According to Zillmann’s Mood Management theory (1988) we are all hedonists continuously striving for a positive mood. So what about negative media content? Thrilling or sad movies will fulfil the hedonistic principle as long as the good guys win in … Continue reading

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Was it good for you?

Mood-management theory (Zillmann 1988) proposes to explain the choices we make in all conceivable stimulus arrangements on the premise that we are hedonists. As a hedonistic user of media entertainment we will use media to get rid of a bad … Continue reading

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