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Resources: Games for health and education

The Center for Digital Games Research holds the searchable Health Games Database where you can find “hundreds of Games, Publications, Resources, Organizations, and Events – all focused on the use of digital games for health and health care.” It looks … Continue reading

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The play perspective of videogaming

Play seems to be something unreal. At first it seems intuitively clear what is meant by play; it is obvious when one is playing and when one is in earnest. The distinction between real and play seems clear, but at … Continue reading

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So you think you can…

Self-efficacy, health and reappraisal Self-efficacy has proven to be an important concept in the chase of understanding and predicting what we do, and what we don’t. Bandura (1994, p.1) defines perceived self-efficacy as β€œβ€¦ people’s beliefs about their capabilities to … Continue reading

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