Resources: Games for health and education

The Center for Digital Games Research holds the searchable
Health Games Database where you can find “hundreds of Games, Publications, Resources, Organizations, and Events – all focused on the use of digital games for health and health care.” It looks to be US-only, though.

The Games for Change database – has 26 entries in the Health category and a 133 games overall.

The Center for Games and Impact has an interesting collection of “games that provoke a change in the player or the world – change stimulated in part because of the player’s experience with the particular game. We’ve provided resources to help you understand a game’s impact as we understand it (for example, try downloading a game’s Impact Guide to complement your play experience with one of the games listed here).”

The Game Classification database which “is a collaborative classification system suited to videogames, based on multiple criterias. The games are classified according to their gameplay, their purposes, their markets and target audience, alongside with user-contributed keywords.” Right now it has 39130 featured games.

The Extra Credit curated list of educational game

The MIT Game Lab list of Documentary Games “… we’ve decided to focus on the outliers — earnest, complex works that had to be included despite their marginal qualities. (We also prioritized games that would be easy to find, given the state of game publishing and platforms in 2015.) Take note at how different these games are from each other in format, treatment of sources, point of view, and player agency. By drawing your eyes to a few dots on the perimeter, we hope to illustrate a landscape of possibility.”

What I would love to see added to all of these lists/ databases is a link to the EVIDENCE that a certain serious game does what it aims to do..

With thanks to the Serious Games Research LinkedIn-group

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