Eat, pray, love

Do not read this book – seriously. Perhaps I should not have read this as a ‘New York Times bestseller’ but as the Chicklit that it obviously is.

I understand how this book might resonate with millions of Western unfulfilled women but after the initial ping there is nothing else there. So, if you feel inclined to read this book because you have lost yourself somewhere down the line do not read but act instead. If you feel that the life you lead (however glorious on the outside) does not contain anything that fills your fancy and if not just the thrill but even the ripples have gone, do as the main character in this book does;

1) Find one thing that excites you and go do that as fully and unapologetically as you can. Embrace your inner hedonist, empower your passion and kindle yourself back to life.
2) Sit down and listen. To any God you prefer, to nature or just your own breathing. Get in touch with the power in and outside of yourself- wherever you believe it resides. Do these things with love and compassion. Forgive if need be, understand what you can and allow what you cannot. (Feel free to add some professional counselling. A bit of cognitive behavioural therapy never hurt anyone.)
3) When you have the good fortune to love and be loved in return really experience it. Do not hold back, protect, strategize or manipulate but feel it.

Do all of this and do not write a book about it.

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