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Alternate Reality Gaming – Examples

The Beast is said to be the game that successfully introduced ARG’s to a larger public (Baertlein, 2008). This futuristic murder-mystery intrigued one million players for twelve weeks in 2001. It was created as a promotion for the movie A.I. … Continue reading

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Alternate Reality Gaming – Ingredients

Any ARG has several key ingredients such as a puppet master a rabbit hole a curtain TING rhetoric A puppet master is the person controlling the game, giving out clues and keeping an eye on plot development. The starting point … Continue reading

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Recipe for Serious Gaming (in health care)

Dr. Alma Schaafsel at the Games in Healthcare: hype or hope? the conference said that successful development requires good connections with people with expertise in their fields. This is precisely what most projects lack: open collaboration between the right experts. … Continue reading

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Oh’ the Gameness of it all

‘Gamification’ ‘Serious games’ and ‘Gameful’. There are blogs, books, articles and summits being held discussing these new game-concepts. Inspirational people come together to hold inspirational talks while the world is listening. The sliding grip we have on these new words … Continue reading

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ARG vs. MMORPG: More real and more social.

I wanted to dive into the realm of Alternate Reality Games and find out more about how they work, why they work and what experiences they bring to the players. I expected this gaming genre to create all sorts of … Continue reading

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Can you gamify everything? Well, yes. A game is a structure; in itself it holds no content. Therefore any content may be added and enjoy the great benefits in motivation and teaching power that a game can give us. Any … Continue reading

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