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Kunst & Kennis in VR || Hersengedrag

Voor Hersengedrag.nl hebben wij ongeveer 200 mensen Virtual Reality laten ervaren met de Oculus Rift tijdens de nacht van Kunst en Kennis. Voor bijna iedereen die in de rij stond was het de eerste persoonlijke ervaring met VR.   We hadden … Continue reading

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A knowledge taxonomy

By applying taxonomy to explore the concept of knowledge, an organisational structure can be superimposed. This taxonomy provides a shared structure and vocabulary for a complicated concept that cuts across many scientific fields and models. Blooms’ taxonomy (1956) was hailed … Continue reading

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VR and games as therapeutic tools

Before the break of summer I attended “Virtual reality and serious gaming for the prevention and treatment of psychological and behavioral disorders“ of the EMGO+ E-HealthExcellence network at the VU University. Some of the first clinical trials being run with VR/AR and … Continue reading

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VU mini-symposium Measuring Causal Relations

There were several speakers that all had new and elegant solutions to the problem of trying to establish causality in their field. The one that most appealed to me was the story of professor Olivers. Possibly because as a Cognitive … Continue reading

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Alternate Reality Gaming – Ingredients

Any ARG has several key ingredients such as a puppet master a rabbit hole a curtain TING rhetoric A puppet master is the person controlling the game, giving out clues and keeping an eye on plot development. The starting point … Continue reading

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Introducing Alternate Reality Gaming

In 2008 I first came across Alternate Reality Gaming (ARG) in an episode of the popular TV-show Numb3rs and I was intrigued. It was a form of gaming that apparently did not stop when it encountered physical reality but made … Continue reading

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