Solar ~ solarpower and other renewables, the power of nature

punk ~ against the current dominant culture

Solarpunk is a future that combines low- and high- tech solutions for us to live a good life together. It provides an end to our climate crisis while starting an equal society. Solarpunk is about growing. Growing food and functionality, growing our community and growing ourselves. Let’s all move into the good life.

Most science-fiction shows us life after the apocalypse but the science-fiction of solarpunk shows us what life could be like when we fix everything. Imagine we had the green revolution and we’ve made the world a fair and equal place. It is the therapeutic miracle question “What if tonight a miracle happened and you woke up in your ideal life?” but on a societal scale. Imagine that the biggest pressures on our society (climate crisis, inequality) are resolved.

I think it is important that we spend some time in this future, so that we can see our way to it. To help this happen I organise solarpunk creative workshops. We explore solarpunk principles and use Episodic Future Thinking (more on this in the amazing Imaginable) and create our imaginations in stories/drawings/games/paintings/collages.

If you are interested in a workshop please get in touch.

Solarpunk often has natural swirls reminiscent of the Arts and Crafts movement, water colours with a lot of vibrant blue and greens and Ghibliesque magic. There is a growing body of stories and visuals that take place in this imaginary future and the more solarpunk we make, the more we solidify the dream.

All images on this page are made by me with DALLE2 and are free to use

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Solarpunk art workshop at Landjuweel festival 2023

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